The one they have not invented yet

De Bondt Chocolate is a hand-crafted chocolate company founded by Paul De Bondt, Dutch cook and confectioner,
and Cecilia Iacobelli, designer from Pisa.
The starting point is in a laboratory where they experimented and created, where they thought and designed. In a few years this combination has produced many small jewels.
Taste and creativity jewels.
Their fame came across the national borders.
When the Chocolate Bible (the prestigious guide “The Chocolate Companion” by Chantal Coady) put them among the best 15 chocolate manufacturers worldwide,
they had the confirmation of their job quality.
Since then, they received several awards, acknowledgements and the mass-media attention has become a constant, even though this aspect did not change them.
Today, as before, you can find them in their laboratory
where they try, taste and create.
Starting from cacao and its feature to create extraordinary combinations with rare products. Starting from taste to reach the shape that it must take to be appreciated. With a certainty,
their best product is the one they have not invented yet.


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